Somewhere in the middle of all the glitter there is a girl. That girl is ME! With loads of encouragement and love I began the journey back to myself, the person behind all the craft and magic. The place where I am many things: Stylist * Designer * Maker of Beautiful*

So, HERE I have been spending lots of time, learning, growing and exploring my new adventure back to self and creative expression.

Please have a look at the newest, still the same girl writing posts, just a little more to share!



La Dee Da!

Last summer I had the pleasure of being transported to LA to create a room for a doll line. I know. I know. Who gets that job?
Check her out: www.ladeeda.com and you can scoop her up yourself (soon).
In the meantime, I wanted to share the space I designed and created for her.
Picture me in LA running the streets for craft supplies and haggling at every weekend market.
As my cohort at the office in CA said, " I crafted my way to a brighter future!"


Ball of Love

What better gift to give for a baby shower than a big ball of love?
My installation piece for a friends new arrival. Better than a mobile and bigger too.
I used a paper lantern, colourful paper baking cups, hot glue, scissors and a good dusting of gold spray paint. Not to mention time. OH time, it takes time to adhere 500 baking cups...which is what makes this a ball of love.
Get inspired!


Guilty Pleasure

I am at Re:Style studio here in Toronto for the next 4 weeks hosting classes twice a week with the kids and adults who were craving some Glitter Pie. I wanted to share with you some of the delicious shots of a few projects and tables i have created/seen this week. I realize this work is more of a guilty pleasure for me. Truly, an outlet to the way my brain is wired and how i see every day objects. "OH! The dudes can do this with that..."


SILK SCREENING-Good for gifting and learning!

My sister Chel made these killer hilarious tea towels for me and my other sister Jen this Christmas. They are so Chel and totally random that it makes me love them so many times with every use. She made them on the fly at PEACH BESERK here in Toronto. The filming location of both the Glitter Pie: POM POM and CORSAGE DIY videos. Kingi has owned and operated it for years and years---she and the location are dripping with undone-done creativity and style. I have taken her workshops before to learn how to silk screen---which has served me well over the years. I tell you: the studio and the lessons are out there-COOL! ONE OF A KIND. An experience you will remember for a long time with silk screened take-aways you made yourself with your new skills and designs!
To get a sneak peak of the location and the outrageous styles you are in for- go to YouTube and search (MSGLITTERPIE) and see for yourself! CHECK IT OUT!

Find the workshop in your heart

You hear it everywhere:
"Find your bliss"
"Do what you love"
But what does that mean for you?
What needs to happen in your mind and in your life to make that possible?
Deep in a quiet neighbourhood a couple of hours outside of Toronto---i found something:
This mini house on the property of the home i was staying. A tricked out work shed of man-like dreams. Years were poured on the shelves by way of old cans filed with tools and screws. Every last article organized and homes made for each piece of equipment.
This space created after years of dabbling. Now a fully functioning workroom for jobs and dreams coming true. Someone owned their bliss, their skill. Made a little home for it and watched the jobs come pouring in.
I was inspired.
Build your workshop---whatever that may be.
Your life will be inspiring.

GOTYE! Listen to this! I LOVE IT!


Has Christmas Past?

From Free People to a Fanciful Twist....
Holiday inspirations that i wished to implement this year!
OH WELL! They are here now for us to enjoy all year though!
Everybody likes to have a little holiday spirit all year long!
*Just use HOT PINK to mask the season!



12:01 am. January 1st 2012. There are 108 + Sparklers burning the the snow in the shape of a heart somewhere North of Toronto. Not all quite at the same time. A heart none the less.
Let your heart burn with the love and sparkling desire for good just ready to explode this year.